Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hey, It's Me!

At Monday Artday, we had the awesome challenge of illustrating our fellow artists. Here are the ones of me in...

Godo-Style by Pati

Zappy-Style by Zari

Moony-Style by Moony

Thanks so much! You all are so talented!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Eslina from Ocean and Me tagged me to share 5 random/weird things about myself. Ok, here goes...

1. I’m a huge fan of the Oakland Athletics (baseball team). I try to get autographs and pictures with the players, and I even have a pic with the world series trophies we won. They’ve not been doing so well as of late, but I still like them. Go A’s!!!

2. I eat cereal out of a drinking glass, but I consider this more “practical” than “weird” because I can at least drink the milk after the cereal is gone!

3. I used to be in a band once and played lead guitar and did some of the singing –we were together only 5 months. I’d love to say we broke up because of “creative differences”, but the actual reason is that each of us got too busy with other things.

4. My only claim to fame was that I was in the movie, “Angels in the Outfield”. Well, I’m in the crowd scene during one of the “games” they filmed, along with a couple thousand volunteers who also sat in the seats. I haven’t seen myself in any of the shots yet, though…. But I know I was there!

5. My secret dream (other than being a famous artist) is to be a chef, and sometimes when I’m cooking I like to pretend I’m hosting a cooking show and say “bam!” when I add pepper or spices, haha.

Ok, I have tagged my friends Zari and Pascal. Will try to find others but most everyone has been tagged already! Hope to find some who are willing to share some fun facts about themselves!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things I've Been Working On

Wow, been super busy lately. My mom and I are combining forces for a fundraiser early next month. Here are some pieces I've recently completed.