Saturday, February 21, 2009

Illustration Friday: Instinct

Did you know that clownfish have a built-in INSTINCT to not only horde food (since they can't travel far wihout being eaten by predators)... but they also have the INSTINCT to work with the Sea Anemone to survive? Anemones are actually invertebrates that catch food with it's stinging tentacles. A clownfish, which has a natural mucus covering that protects it from being stung, hides in the anemone for protection against its predators, who try to follow it and wind up getting stung and eaten by the anemone. What a great partnership designed by God our Creator!

Here's an interesting article I read about this.

I've been so busy lately and haven't drawn anything in so long. I've come to realize that I really enjoy working with color pencils, and had a lot of fun drawing this. And my "Clownfish in Anemone" actually fit this week's Illustration Friday theme!