Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Inspiring Artist - Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh

A friend recently showed me some notecards bought at the Art Institute of Chicago that depicted the work of Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, a Scottish artist who helped originate the "Glasgow Style" of art during the late 1800's. I was immedietely intrigued! I don't recall ever seeing her work before and I am always so excited to discover (for myself) something new... even though it's like a century old.

I was most facinated by the strong, flowing lines and wonderfully strange shapes of each piece. Here's some more of her work...

Cinderella (Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh)

Label for Sheenore Fabrics (Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh)

Opera of the Winds (Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh)

THe White Rose and the Red Rose (Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh)

Oh ye, all ye that walk in Willowood (Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh)

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Zari said...

wonderful pieces!