Thursday, July 19, 2007


Christopher Columbus shows off his Discovery. Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop.

Whew! I barely made it for this week. I just got back from vacation in Oregon, and the only inspiration I could get was from the horses I saw during my trip.

Anyway, on Chris Columbus' second journey to the Americas in 1493, he brought with him 17 ships, 1200 men, and some livestock. The purpose of the voyage was to return to La Navidad in Hispaniola to relieve the men left behind from the first voyage, settle more colonists on the islands, and explore and claim other islands.
It is said that one type of horse breed brought over was the Andalusian. I can just picture Columbus riding on this very beautiful horse, looking very pompous and feeling rather important. Little did he know what he would *discover* in La Navidad.

Click here to find out what happened.

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Emila Yusof said...

Nice illustration, JC! And thank you for the informative post! Cheers!