Saturday, July 7, 2007


May the Star Wars geek be with you...

Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop. Since this year is the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, I thought I'd draw a group of fans with homemade costumes at a movie screening. I myself, admittedly, am a star wars geek.

There's an interesting article on about this geeky, but still cool, culture phenomenon that endures today.

A bunch of parodies have also been made of the films, such as "Hardware Wars" and "Thumb Wars". Both can be seen on YouTube (I liked Hardware Wars). Anyway, hope all fellow SW geeks enjoy and have fun this year!


Clau said...

Im not a huge star wars fan, but I do admmit its an important part of pop culture and "geek-ish" culture
nice sun glasses hehe

Pickledog said...

I like the R2 costume. May the force be with you.