Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Sally's fear of rejection kept her from making friends at lunch.

Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop. Another tough theme, but this was the first idea that popped up in my head. Someone once told me that I had the bad habit of rejecting others before they reject me. I guess it's a self-preservation, survival kind of thing. Then again, we need friends to survive, too.

After I drew this, I was reminded of the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Toula, as a young girl, sits down to eat her homemade lunch of moussaka at school. She had remembered, "When I was growing up, I knew I was different. The other girls were blonde and delicate, and I was a swarthy six-year-old with sideburns." Hehe... that was a funny movie. I thought it was great when in college, she made a point to sit with the blonde girls and befriend them.

**UPDATE** see "Part 2" of this illo.


mike r baker said...

That was a great movie! Beauty truly does shine from within.

Sweet illo, JC. It's hard to start a conversation with people who are already friends and laughing when you don't feel much like laughing yourself.

AnastasiaC said...

i loved that movie and being of greek heritage it sure made me laugh!!
great sketch!

Nancy Bea said...

I loved that movie too, despite maybe being one of those thin blonde girls she thought were laughing at her (of course, we weren't!) It is amazing how often we shape our own reality with our fears and insecurities. As of course, Toula came to realize in the movie: so very redemptive!

I like this piece a lot. Who hasn't been, even briefly, in this position?!

steve said...

Oh yeah, great film and scene. You illustrated this so well too! I'll have to check that one out again sometime.

Pickledog said...

That table does look intimidating, but Sally should take the chance if it's what she really wants to do. Go Sally!

JC said...

Thanks so much for your comments! It makes me want to draw a "part 2" or something to see what happens next. Go Sally! =)

Emila Yusof said...

Nice illo, JC! Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep your fingers crossed tight for the giveaway lucky draw!

Jogger said...

I like this picture of rejection - would you mind if I posted it on a blog post contrasting God's choosing and our rejecting of others?

Brad said...

JC, enjoying your artwork and blog. I just posted on REJECTION at my blog. I included your illustration. Please review and let me know if using your illustration is ok with you. I gave full credit to you including a link to your blog and specific posts on rejection and acceptance. If not I can easily change it.

peace in Christ,