Thursday, June 14, 2007

Track Star

Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop. Here's another pic I did (of my nephew this time) who is a budding track star. T'was great fun trying to figure out the hands and expression. I'm sure the background can be improved a bit, but hey - I tried my best really. I'm trying to do more drawings with people because it's challenging for me and it's kind of neat to try to discover my "style"... whatever that may be. I just admire what I've seen posted on people's art blogs and journals here in this web-world. It's really amazing for me to see such an awesome art community!


mike r baker said...

It looks like your art work is coming right along! I see a little improvement each time. Good work, JC!

I got some advice a long time ago that has helped me a lot (when I can remember it!)... NEVER compare your art to others! Sure, be inspired by and admire other artists, but know that everyone has to start sometime including you. If I look at some of these artists' work that I have met on the web and think I should be as good as them, I might dispair. One's goal should only be to become better than you are now.

R2K said...

: )

JC said...

wow, thank you Mike! (bows to the master of illustration friday) lol

I think it's hard *not* to try to compare one's work to others. it's kind of a natural thing all artists do. But I agree we shouldn't do the inferior/superior type of judging... just the mutual admiration for different styles and techniques kind of comparing. For me, I'm just having fun in the journey and enjoy the scenery along the way! Thanks again Mike; I always appreciate your great comments and advice!

Thanks r2k! =)