Friday, August 24, 2007

"I Love Chocolate" ATC's

Giant Toblerone Bar (watercolor) **For Pati**

Sees Candies (watercolor) **For Zari**

Chocolate Covered Oreo - Chilled (watercolor) **For Brian**

Joseph Schmidt Chocolates (watercolor) **For Woody**

Brownies... Yum! (watercolor) **For Zari**

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (pen and watercolor) **For Irisz**

Chocolate Lip Balm (watercolor)

Amalfi Lemon-White Chocolate (watercolor) **For Mike**

Fields' Burger and Chocolate Shake (watercolor) **For Mim Stella**

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry (watercolor) **For Maryam**

Cheese and Chocolate Train (watercolor) **For Ms. Froggie**

Chantico Shock (colored pencil)

Just heard about these Artist Trading Cards and thought they would be fun to do. These are from what I'm calling my "I Love Chocolate" series, based on something I posted a couple of weeks ago: Click here. If you'd like to trade I have most of these available. Email me at



zari.ZHM said...

these are cute + i love chocolate so much!
May i have the brownies pls? i have just send you my address by email!

JC said...

Sure Zari! I will send it out tomorrow (I sent you an email)

steve said...

Fun JC! You should join the ATC group I belong to (see my bloglines). Love the train.

JC said...

Thanks Steve, I'll check it out! =)

Pati @-;-- said...

I have my original Toblerone bar and I love it!!! Thanks Jennifer :D