Friday, February 15, 2008

License to Chill

So last week was really crazy. Not only was I behind a couple of projects at work, but I found out I had jury duty and went through the long and tedious process of jury selection. It took a couple of days, but I was eventually dismissed with others when they finalized the list of jurors.

During those two days, I didn't really do anything except sit and listen and read when I was able (I brought my Freakanomics book). But for some reason, those hours spent in the courtroom just left me exhausted. Oh and I've been having insomnia lately too, so I'm sure that didn't help. Anyway, I had scheduled myself to be somewhere those same evenings, too but I guess I should have just gone home. At one point, I was really feeling like I was coming down with something bad. And it's taken me a while now to get over that lingering feeling I'm getting sick.

There are days I push myself to do way too much than I should. Doing things for others, or doing things that I think will be good for me. I even stress when I feel I can't be more creative! Eh, I just need to chill!

So I go visit Steve's page the other day, and lo and behold I was granted a license to do just that. Well, he gave it to everyone I know, but I for one want to use it. So, with Steve's permission to post this, here's my official LICENSE TO CHILL!

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