Monday, February 4, 2008

I Received an Award!

Eslina, whose "Ocean and Me" blog always makes my day, gave me a "You Make My Day" award! *EDIT* I also received this from wonderful Zari - Wow! I feel SO blessed to have received this from such sweet friends... THANK YOU!!!

I'd love to pass this on to the following who are not only extremely talented artists, but just about the nicest people you could ever meet:

1. Jeff Brame (Well, I think he's received several of these already, but one more won't hurt. I always look forward to seeing his wonderfully drawn characters and fun style. Some of his illos and ATC's are sooo funny -- I'm still laughing over the custodian fairy!!!)
2. KStyles (I've always admired her bold use of color and clever takes on the Illustration Friday challenges. Her drawings brighten everyone's day!)
3. Steve (My goodness, he is incredibly creative! I really like the fact that he continually challenges himself with different art mediums, styles, techniques, you name it! And he challenges his students to do the same. How awesome is that?)
4. Georgina (Talk about creative! Wow, her clean style, lovely patterns and drawings make everyone who visits her blog smile! She is also extremely generous and so kind to share her gift of art to others)
5. Joan (Her artwork is simply amazing! Her pencil sketches of even everyday type objects are full of life and character. I love her posts and descriptions of her drawings too... how many people can liken their purse to a rainforest?)

I am thankful to all of you and your wonderful blogs for always making my day! =)


Joan Y said...

Awesome! Thanks Jennifer! I am totally honored cuz you are the one that makes my day ... with your cheery emails and wonderful crafts. Mahalo!

Kstyles said...

Oh thank you so much J. You have just made my day. I am thrilled that you admire my artsyness (If that's even a word)! I enjoy visiting your blog as well and I love trading ATCs with you even more. Keep up the creative work.

steve said...

Congrats JC!! Wow, how kind of you too. I'm so glad we've traded atcs with eachother in the past and I certainly look forward to more trades with you in the future!!

Jeff Brame said...

Awww thanks JC! You gave me the Make my day award!! I am SO honored. Your work inspires me all the time. I'm still to this day loving the Goonies cards you made. Your an awesome artist and its a privelege to be your friend. Thanks again!!

Pierina said...

wow...this is too much!!! I received this award from two different bloggers friends in 3 days!!! Thank you sooo much Jenn, not only for the award, thanks for your words :) YOU make my day!!!!
A BIG, BIG hug!!!!

Joan Y said...

Hey Jennifer ... I made a special sketch just for you. Check out my blog! :)

Kstyles said...

Hey JC! I know you have an award already but your blog makes my day too so you're getting another one.

ValGalArt said...

you are right each one is amazing!