Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Five Chinese Brothers

Posted on Monday Artday

I wanted to participate in this week's Monday Artday challenge, "Favorite Book" (I'm really late though). One of my favorite children's books is "The Five Chinese Brothers" by Claire Huchet Bishop and Kurt Wiese. It's a retelling of an old Chinese legend about five brothers who looked exactly alike with each posessing special abilities. When one is arrested for murder and condemned to be executed, they work together to outwit the executioner by using their individual abilities.


Zari said...

this looks like an interesting book...hope i can read it soon ;)

-the sunset looks wonderfu!

JC said...

Thanks Zari! I always appreciate your kind comments! =)

Anonymous said...


I need to read that one!

Kstyles said...

Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll read it. On a serious tip, I've heard alot about the Freakonomics book, so I really might read that one. Cool illo by the way!