Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fantastic Felines by Laurel Burch - Day 6 of MPC

This is the first time I've posted someone else's artwork. The above painting is by the late artist Laurel Burch and is part of her "Fantastic Felines" series. I remember first seeing Ms. Burch's artwork on some very cool totebags, and bought one for a friend some time ago. I just LOVE the jewel tones of her paintings... and the use of gold! Actually, one of my favorite tools is my gold-leaf pen that adds just that bit of pizazz.

I know I had not posted much the last few days, but I'm still working on the personal challenge for myself to remain creative this month. Last night, I tried to make some cat themed ATC's, inspired by Laurel Burch's work. I managed to come up with my own designs. But I'm not used to working with acrylic paints and long story short, I winded up throwing the cards away. I tried adding a bit of sparkle to them by putting on a light coat of gold metallic watercolor paint over an orange acrylic background... and that turned out pretty cool. But the rest of it was crap.

I might use that sparkle technique again soon though.

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