Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fresh Fruit - Day 4 of MPC

Speaking of dessert... here's a pic of a strawberry pie with fresh strawberries. I wish I could say that I made it, but it's store bought from good old Marie Callander's. I've noticed that the stuff I've been posting has lots of greens, blues, and browns. Let me liven up the color pallette a bit by posting something bright red. I've been wanting to buy a better camera for close up shots like this. But let's see how much the tax refund dollars stretch this year.

Anyway, Summer's right around the corner and fresh fruit will be in abundance. Something everybody I know looks forward to.


Joan Y said...

Dang gurl! You are making me hungry with all this talk about strawberry pies and brownies! :) Yummy shot of a delicious-looking pie. Oh, there I go salivating again!

JC said...

Thanks Joan for your kind comments! You're cool! hehe, I know I gotta stop thinking about food. =)