Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Design Work - Day 3 of MPC

More playing around with photoshop tools. Although these are leaf-pattern designs (I totally LOVE leaves and trees), the colors were actually inspired by... FOOD! Or perhaps "dessert" is more accurate. One of the more interesting things I've ever tried is a rich chocolate brownie served alongside green tea mousse. And I didn't even have the whole thing... I just *tried* someone else's. Even so, it still left quite an impression on me. It's a dessert served at a very cool tea house in San Francisco I went to a few months ago. It was fun day with friends talking about art!


Joan Y said...

This makes me think of a dream of mint chocolate covered brownies ... with the leaves, green, and brown. Those brownies are my favorite! I will have to check out the tea house if I'm ever in your neighborhood. :) This is really beautiful and airy! I would buy it if it was fabric or a card!!!!

JC said...

hehe... yes, I had fudge *mint* brownies on my mind too. Or those thin mint cookies from girl scouts... or those (wait, I gotta stop thinking about chocolate!)

Oh yes, let's plan to have tea there when you visit! =)