Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Own Personal Challenge

In a few days, it will be my blog's very first birthday! woohoo! I've decided to celebrate it by giving myself a challenge. I've seen posts where people try to draw something every day for a month or a year or whatever... hmmm, well I can already tell I'm gonna flake on that sooner than later, so I don't want to make it IMPOSSIBLE for me.

I think I'll just try to blog about creative stuff for as many consecutive days as I can (but I won't stress if I miss a day here or there). It can be as simple as writing about something I saw or learned, a photo, or maybe even some new drawings (probably lots of photos, I'm thinking). Just something to get back into the creative side of life, since things have been extremely hectic lately.

I started this site as a diversion from life's worries and concerns, and a year ago I just had way too many of those. This has been a very therapeutic, alternative way to spend one's energy on. And I must say that since writing and posting here, I've learned a lot about myself, met lots of incredibly nice and encouraging people, and discovered that it's more important to have fun with your art than to care if people like it or not.

Ok, so here's my first "creative" piece for this challenge. It's a tropical-inspired design I did on photoshop, using the various photoshop tools. Why? I kept hearing the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in my head today - the version by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (try saying that 10 times fast!) The link to the song is under the photo, if you'd like to listen to it. I like the song's style... and message. =)


Joan Y said...

Amen to that Jennifer! I found that doing the challenge has allowed me to find the fun in drawing again. I was finding that I cared too much what everyone else thought and less about being creative and having fun. So congrats for doing this for yourself! Plus, I LOVE somewhere over the rainbow! We share a lot in common! Your photoshop design is awesome! The colors are gorgeous and a nice complement! Way to go!

Jeff Brame said...

Awesome Jen! Love the illo and really dig the song, congrats on the 1 year.

JC said...

hey thanks so much guys! You both are 2 of my favorite blogger buddies, and your comments always mean a lot! =)