Saturday, May 10, 2008

Santorini Blue - Day 9 of MPC

Santorini was my favorite place when I visited Greece a couple of years ago. The island showcases the beauty of the Greek islands, with the gorgeous contrast between white-washed buildings against the mediterranean blue waters.

The above picture was taken as we strolled around the town, taking pictures of homes, churches, gates, doors, and everything we encountered while there. I probably don't want to know what residents must think of tourists who go around taking pictures of their neighborhoods.

Besides being so beautiful, Santorini was a straight up adventure from the start, which is why I have such fond memories of it. From the donkey ride up to the town that sits atop a steep cliff, to the crazy bus ride with the drunk ticket collector still able to count exact change; the kind shopowner we met whose dream was to visit Hawaii; the cutest stray dogs you'll ever see; and of course the amazing scenic views every which way you turned.

My friends and I stopped by a restaurant and had baklava and iced coffees. And here is where we made a pact to go see the rest of the world starting 5 years from that point...

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