Monday, May 12, 2008

The Florence Cathedral - Day 11 of MPC

Italy is probably my favorite country to visit because there are so much to see and do, and each place seems very distinct from the other. When visiting Florence, Italy, the whole experience was a blur since we didn't have much time to explore. We were on an incredibly tight schedule because we were on a cruise and the day's excursion only allowed us a few hours of sightseeing. The above pic is the only decent shot I have of the Florence Cathedral. From this angle, you can see the baptistry, bell tower, and a glimpse of the cupola.

I played around with the image and used the impressionist brush in photoshop to create this version.
The city of Florence boasts incredible architechture and art. I was sorry we didn't have time to visit the museum and see the statue of David. There was a copy of the sculpture in the city square... but a copy just isn't the same. Anyway, we compensated by treating ourselves to our favorite... Italian Gelato! I can't seem to get away from talking about food. =) When I returned home, I showed this pic to my boss and she thought it was funny I took photos of food. But when she went to Egypt, she took pictures of the different food stands there and she said those were among the most colorful and interesting shots she took of her trip - and she remembered my Gelato photo... ha!

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Kstyles said...

Oh how nice. When I get married, I want to go to Italy for the honeymoon. I'm sure it's as beautiful as it's portrayed.